How We Work

August 15th, 2012 ellen

How We Work

What’s it like to work with Oasis Realty?   On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to what you want and need and how we’re different from most real estate companies.

If you work with us, what kind of results can you expect?    As your agent, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to find you the ideal home.   If it takes endless hours of searchng the Multiple Listing Service, previewing homes, working with other agents – my commitment is to work for you until we find you the most perfect home at the right price.

      I will put it all on the line.   I will devote my professional energy to the accomplishment of your goals – again, finding the most perfect home for you at the right price.

     The number of hours, days, weeks, or months (if necessary) it takes to help you reach your goal is not relevant to my commitment to you and our relationship.   I will work for your from day one – regardless of how long it may take.   Let me tell you about Cee Cee.   She came to me via a previous broker.   She had been working with him off and on for a few years as her Father knew my broker.    Cee Cee had 100% financing.    (She had no money for a down payment and and no money for closing costs.)   She could only afford a condo.   We had a great lender who was patient.   We had to call the lender everytime we looked at condos as the home owner association fees were different and because that was a fixed bill, sometimes she couldn’t afford the condo, even though it was less than another condo that she could have afforded.   She wanted to live near Tustin as she worked there and her car was old.    We saw lots of condos.    We made lots of offers.    Finally, a seller accepted her offer over another offer which was better.    Then, when we did the home inspection, we noticed the floor in the upstairs bathroom was wet underneath the vinyl tile.   I told her we needed someone with a professional contractor’s background to tell the seller about the flooring.   So, she paid for a home inspector to inspect the property and make the report to the seller.   The seller said the flooring and subflooring would be replaced by the termite company.   It took me several trips to the condo to verify the termite company had replaced the flooring as they promised.   Finally, it was replaced.   Nine months after first meeting Cee Cee, she moved in to her new home.  I told her, “You could have had a baby instead of a condo.”   She laughed.   Cee Cee says, “My family and I can never thank you enough.”   You are probably wondering why it took so long to find Cee Cee a home.   Well, at that time, prices were rising.   Cee Cee could only afford a certain amount of money.   For a lot of sellers to accept her offer, it meant a decrease in the price they were asking, and some sellers did not want to hassle the no down or pay the closing costs, thus, they went with another buyer.     Also, there is a higher percentage of those loans not closing than a loan with a down payment and the buyer paying their closing costs.  

     You will receive continuous communication and updates from me as to how we are doing and the progress and possibilities available to you.    You will receive any assistance you might need to arrange financing, inspections, or any other needs of the buying process.

     I am totally committed to helping you make the move and become a home owner in as stress-free and easy of manner as is professionally possible.   I will act as your guide, your consultant, and your trusted advisor.   If I feel something is not in your best interests, I will honestly advise you to walk away – if necessary.

      The bottom line is I am totally committed to our relationship and helping you every step of the way – regardless.   Your best interests are my first and top priority and together we can accomplish your goals.   Together, with a little hard work, we can help you find the most perfect home at the right price and make it a smooth easy process for you to become a proud new homeowner.   

     When you hire us to be your Realtor you can expect to be looking at homes that will be on target or close to what you told me you wanted.    Usually, I will be showing you homes I have seen.     The Garcias had been with another agent for over 6 months.   They say, “From the first homes Ellen showed us, we knew we would find a home.” 

        When I call you and tell you to come and look at a home, do so.  Because of all the homes I have seen for you, this is the one which fits you best.  

        What makes our services unique?   When you’re looking for a real estate agent, there are a lot of agents from which to choose.    My uniqueness is probably because I am committed to doing whatever it takes to find you a home as close as possible to your ideal home at the right price.

      What makes my services stand out in the field of real estate?   It is probably something that is inherent in me.   Apparently, buyers and sellers feel my serenity and confidence about reaching their goals so they relax and enjoy the process.   It is my belief that we will find what you want sooner because of my knowlege of the local areas and the homes in the areas.     I have lived in Orange County since I was 15 years old.   I graduated from Huntington Beach High School.   I worked in Santa Ana  while attending Orange Coast College and Long Beach State College.   After graduation from Long Beach State College I worked in Santa Ana at the  Welfare Office at 6th and Ross Streets.   We live in Anaheim and have for many years.   My goal is to find you a home and for you to say, “Wow!” 

     “Ellen, your service to us is best depicted by what you said several times during the process of finding us a home and closing the escrow.   “Taking care of you is the most important thing I have to do today.”   To be more explicit, you answered all of our questions, you listened attentively,  returned our phone calls, and you gave us the information you said you would.   We never felt like we were bothering you because you never gave us the impression we were.”                   Catherine and Tim A.  

     “During the entire process you told us what was happening, even if the news was not what we wanted to hear.   You told us you had had similar experiences and told us our options.   As we felt comfortable with your information, we had complete faith in you.”

     “You always listened to us as if it was the most important thing for you to do.   When we did not get the house we wanted, you listened to us complain, bitch, moan and groan.”  Then, you said, “There’s a better home for you.   If I did not believe that, I would get out of the business.”   “We believed you!”                                                                     

      “We felt you had a clear vision of what we wanted for a home.   In fact, when we drove up to the property and before we got inside, someone said, “Ellen found us a home—just what we wanted.”   When we questioned that person about it being too dark, he replied, “It will be OK!”  We questioned him about the floor plan, he said “It will be fine.”   Then we said something about the condition of the inside of the house, he said, “It will be OK.”   You made a believer of him before we saw the inside of the home.”                                                 Linda & Kei Kar S.   

      In case you have not noticed, there is a difference in people who sell homes.    Words I hear often are:   “Ellen, as a Realtor, you are DIFFERENT and FUN!”     What do they mean?   “I have the privilege of helping make people’s dreams come true when they buy and sell real estate.   Buying and selling property is stressful.    I want to make it as much FUN as possible and still get you the results you want.  I have found with humor I keep people focused on what we are discussing.     I believe humor is a way to handle stress.”   Shirley and Ray C. say, “Ellen has a lot of compassion when it is needed and humor, when moving seems to be an over-whelming task.”       

          Because you will be receiving many hours of my time and professional guidance in this process (20 – 30 possibly  even 50 – 100 hours or more), for which I will NOT be paid a single penny – until and unless we can accomplish your goals – I will ask a small favor and commitment from you.

          For investing potentially 50 – 100 hours or more of my time in our relationship, helping you search, find and negotiate the purchase of a home for you, I am asking you to make a commitment to our relationship and allow me to be your exclusive Realtor.

          This means in this relationship we are forming a team of committing to each other.    We are both understanding of each other’s needs and have only one goal – to find you the perfect home at the right price.  

           If at any time, you feel I’m not living up to my end of this agreement (for ANY reason) you can end our relationship, walk away and you’re under no obligation whatsoever!

           So, the ball is totally in my court to perform.    If I do – we accomplish our goals together.   If I don’t deliver – you can walk away. 

           All I am asking is that we keep the lines of communication open and we both make a sincere effort to let each other know what’s going on.   This way, if you have an issue with anything, I will do everything possible to satisfy your wants and needs.

          So, in conclusion, we are forming a team…a partnership…a very important relationship with lifelong implications…to help you reach your goals. 

         Have I convinced you, that I am the Realtor for you?   Great!   Now, let’s go make it happen.    Let’s go find you the most perfect home for the right amount of money.   Call me at 1-714-776-3820 or e-mail me at:   Do you want to know Who We Work With?




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