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August 15th, 2012 ellen

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  But First…..


1.    Residential Major Fixer 

2.    Commercial-Office Building with 21000 sq ft or more with parking for 120 cars.  Buyer wants it for a school. 

3.    Commercial or industrial building to be used for a theatre.   A place that used to be a restaurant or a church might be a good option.

4.   If you happen to be able to assist me with these properties, call me at:  


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      Whether you are a buyer, seller, or just checking me out, be sure and look at my newsletter.    Everyone loves it.   With the newsletter you will also get a:  cover letter, list of FREE reports and Business Rolodex.   People are always asking me about the newsletter and telling me they miss it.   Because the real estate market is what it is; I haven’t had it printed and mailed for several months.   So, I decided to put it on my web site for all to see.   To see it, Click on “Newsletter”.   Let me know your comments.   If you want to be added to the e-mail list of people who get it, send me an e-mail at:

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Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I will give you the information I have gained from previewing homes on paper and in person.   I have  analyzed and identified houses that are overpriced, under priced, priced correctly, and the ones with the most flexibility in prices.    If you are a seller, I probably already have the information you need to assist you in priceing your home correctly.   In this market, if you want to see a “SOLD” sign on your property, you need to price your home correctly.   There are too many homes for sale and the competition is too steep for a “We’ll check out the market and see if we want to sell our home.”

       As you know, houses are on the market longer.    It requires more strategy, marketing, and sales skills to get you the most money possible for your home in the shortest period of time without any complexities.

        One thing you do not need in a sluggish real estate market is a sluggish agent.   To get the results you want, you need an agent who is active and energetic.   You need an agent who is ready to charge ahead.   You need a bulldog Realtor.   I am that person.   When you are ready to charge ahead, call me at:  


       I have a commitment to helping people with their real estate investments, whether it is a home, or business, or investment properties.   As a Realtor for over 25 years and a broker for over 5 years, my success is related to my dedication.    I want to make the community of Orange County a better place to live by neighbors knowing neighbors.   I use professional ethics to ensure success. 

       Selling your home can open you to pitfalls costing even the most seasoned homeowner thousands of dollars.   On top of that, few home sellers know the true secrets for getting top money for their home and selling it in the shortest time.  

        That is  I recently authored a special consumer report specifically for home sellers titled “Avoid Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home.”

         In my report you’ll learn ways to dress your home for sale, a tell-tale signal to know if your buyer is serious, what repairs will make you money and which ones may cost you dearly…and a lot more.

         My report is a FREE community service, but quantities are limited.   To get the report, complete the form on “Contact Me“.


         If you bought your home or real estate and are facing some of the challenges others are, such as loss of equity, rate adjustment, and ARMS converting, contact me at 1-714-776-3820.      If you want information about preserving your homeownership rights or you need information on short selling  your home.    A shor sale is real estates agents’ terminology for selling your home when you owe more than what the current market says it is worth and the bank agrees to do it.   If you need to understand the ramifications of a strategic default, contact me at 1-714-776-3820. 


      If you are struggling to make your house payment and want to save your home, or you cannot or do not want to continue to pay for a property that has lost value, I can assist you with answers.   Knowledge is power in today’s housing market and will make your decisions easier.  

         If you are behind in your house payments, owe more than your house is worth, and don’t know what to do, call me at:


        If you are a first time buyer, I have written a report entitled, “The Biggest Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers  Make”   If you want it, click on, “Contact Me“.

              If you are a buyer, are you frustrated in your search for a home?    I probably have the home you are looking for on my list of preferential homes.   If we start with the information I have and work backwards, we will zero in or laser in on the best first.  Thus, we will eliminate wasted time.   This, in itself, is different from a lot of agents.    Some agents show the worst homes first, so you’ll be ready to buy anything else they show.   I prefer to save you time and energy and show you the best homes first. 

        If you are a ready-to-act buyer or seller, buckle-up because you are getting ready to go into the “red zone”.   Welcome to Ellen Whomsley’s way of doing business.   


     To discover who we work with click here.


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