Letter to Buyers – Is Your Housing hunting strategy missing a something?

August 15th, 2012 ellen

“Is your house hunting strategy missing a vital link?   If so, you are looking at the right piece of paper!”

HI!          I have a lot of stories I could tell you about the GREAT results of someone choosing me to assist them with their real estate needs.    Here are a couple of them.  

        Nancy called me one day as she had picked up my flyer at a house I sold.   (The new owners – my customers – let me put up a flyer box for advertising.)     I referred them to a lender I trusted.   Ricardo got approved for a loan and we went home hunting.   We made a lot of offers.    Ricardo was a buyer that every real estate agent wants.   He wanted every house he saw.    In other words he wanted a house.   He was a qualified and motivated buyer!!!!!   A house had just fallen out of escrow and when he saw it, he said, “Ellen, of all the homes we have seen, I want this one.”     We kept looking at homes, and making offers.    Finally, we got word our offer on the house he wanted most was accepted.   Because things take longer than we want them to, he got discouraged and called and said, “Forget it.   I want out.”    I responded to him like he was my son.    “You cannot do that.    You are in a legal binding contract.    You don’t give up.   If the seller says “No”, or the lender says, “No”, then you can cancel the escrow.”    Several times during the process I referred him to the movie, Rudy.   We closed escrow and he is one happy man working hard to make this home theirs.    His daughter is riding the bicycle she could not ride at the apartment.   As his closing gift I gave him the movie, Rudy.          

      Now for a story about a seller.   Nancy B. called me one day as her Aunt Margaret had died.   Her aunt and I worked together as social workers in Santa Ana years ago.     She told me,  “Aunt Margaret had told me in no uncertain terms that I was to use you as her Realtor to sell the house.”   Because she was unable to find my card, she had contacted another agent with a well known company to determine the sales price of the house.    When I heard that price, I knew it was wrong.   I previewed every 2 bedroom,  1 bath house for sale in Santa Ana.   She decided on a price.   The housing market fell.   She reduced the price by $50,000.   Nancy looked at the competition.   She knew the price was right.   We got a full price offer.   Escrow closed.   Even after lowering the price she still got $29,000  more than the other agent told her the house was worth.    WOW!          

     If you know someone who wants to sell or buy and you like what I have said, introduce them to me as your “friend in the business”.   Punch my phone number into your cell phone, so you will have it when you want it.                                                                      

                                                                     Best wishes

Ellen C. Whomsley
Realtor DRE  Lic. #00948490
OASIS Realty 1-714-776-3820


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