July 29th, 2012 ellen

Ask Ellen to be your agent and you will have the opportunity to say something similar to what these satisfied clients say about her…..

The Garcias
“About six months after we met Ellen, we asked her to be our agent as our agent had not found us a home. From the first homes she showed us, we knew we would find a home.” “We are in our new home now!”

Ann M.
“I love my condo!” “Thank you!”

Terri H.
“We chose Ellen not because of the office she was with, but because we personally saw how hard she worked.”

Kei Kar & Linda S.
“We have used her as our agent twice. She found us what we wanted and we had FUN!”

Tracey G.
“With Ellen’s knowledge, we were able to get into a home in 30 days and with less than $100…and it was not a repo!”

M. C. Rick N., Atty.
“If you are planning to sell a house and need a Realtor on your side, I would highly recommend Ellen.”

Suzanne D.
“We needed to sell our condo and buy a huge house in a very short time. We had many complicated requirements and a large family to please. Ellen was very dedicated and sold the condo and got us into the perfect house in a very timely manner.”

Brian K.
“Once you got the listing, you went right to work and did not stop until the house was sold. What has most impressed me, however, is that even though the entire sale is completed and escrow has closed, you have shown interest in me and my well being.”

Brenda L.
“She showed us homes no other agent had. She got us a better loan than other agents did, and we closed escrow in less than 30 days.”

Phyllis & Bill H.
“We had been in our home for more than 30 years. During that time we had met and were acquainted with many real estate agents. We chose Ellen because there was something about her we liked better than any of the other agents.”

Elsie G.
“Ellen, you went beyond the ordinary and over and above my expectations in the sale of my property.”

Ronni R.
“I want to thank you for your assistance and information. It made our relocation less confusing.”

Steve W. (A previous broker of mine.)
“Ellen is a bulldog!”

Bob D.
“I sent the grant deed you had gotten me and they agreed that both parcels are included so they are fixing the docs to reflect both parcels. I appreciate the help and I owe you one.”

Remember, I desperately want to be your Realtor! As a result of my service to you, my goal is for you to say WOW!!!