The Question Is Not To Rent or Buy, It Is . . . . . . .

August 19th, 2012 ellen


     So, you have been looking at homes and think you are experts in the field of what homes are like in your area.   And, to sum it up, you think they are, over priced, small and have deferred maintenance—lots of it.


     You are tired of  real estate agents saying, “It is a great time to buy.”   You know it is.   You have made offers on homes and the multiple offers on anything half-way decent makes your offer fade away into the sunset.   The thing that really bothers you is the arguments that you and your spouse or loved one have over whether or not it is smarter to buy or rent.

     Your loved one probably says something like this, “Renting is just throwing our money away each month!” 

     You reply with, “Only a stupid person buys when it is cheaper to rent!”

     Then, because you have gone to the web to a Rent v. Own site many times, you are convinced that stats can prove anything you want them to.

     Naturally, when you are having these discussions—arguments—they flow into conversations with your friends.   Naturally, you both want your friends to agree with you and not your loved one.  

     To your surprise, the opening words of your loved one were, “As a kid our family moved every year.   As an adult I have moved several times because of economic reasons.   Now, I am ready to buy.   I want a place that is mine.”

     When it is your turn to defend your reasons for not wanting to buy, you were surprised by what you said, “I don’t mind paying too much for a over-priced home on a short-term basis, but doing so makes me feel like I am doomed to that standard of living for the rest of my life.”   I have never lived in an apartment or house that I really liked.   It’s probably me, but, I have always wondered, “Why after years of scrimping and saving do I still feel poor because of where we live?     I want a house that will let me know that all that scriming and saving has paid off!”

     So, there you have it.   Your deep seated emotions  on the word “home”.   You realize you have been arguing about the wrong thing.   You were arguing over what is important to each of you. 

     You realize you are going to have to look in other areas to find a house that does not make you feel “poor”.   Your loved one is willing to rent until you can find that “needle in a haystack”.                                                                              

     Now, you’ll stop the arguing because you have determined the real reasons for all the arguing.     To find the “needle in the haystack”, call Ellen at           714-776-3820.


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