Who We Work With

August 15th, 2012 ellen

Who We Work With

          Someone laughed when they said, “Ellen, you are like the quote on the Statue of Liberty.   Your motto should be, “Give me the people who have been neglected or forgotten by their real estate agents.” 

          The Garcias had been working with another real estate agent for longer than six months.   They say, “From the first homes Ellen showed us, we knew we would find a home.” 

          Gary and Margaret G. had called several agents whose telephone numbers they saw on “For Sale” signs in their neighborhood and received no returned calls.    I knocked on their door.   They bought a house with me.   A year later, we sold it.    And,  they bought another house with me as their agent.   Wow!  

          Barbara and Erik R. had called the agent and the company several times which had the “For Sale” sign on the property on which they wanted  information.    The agents did not return their phone calls.   They found me at an Open House near the property they had been calling on.    An appointment was made with the seller and the house was purchased with all cash.   Yes!  

           So, you’re a seller and want information.   One of the latest sellers I worked with could not find my business card and had called an agent at a big company for a market analysis.   When the seller told me the price,the other agent had quoted,  I knew it was too low.  That price was approximately $40,000 less than what we actually sold it for.   YES!  The seller likes me.   


      My Ideal Clients:

            First, you need to openly and honestly communicate with me.   The success of our relationship depends on honest communication.    You need to tell me your likes, dislikes, what you want, and don’t want and above all, when you have concerns you let me know so we can address your questions. 

             Second, you need to come and look at a home when I call you and say, “Come and look at this home.   I think you will want it.” 

            Are you ready to ask me to be your Realtor or do you want more information?   So, you want more information.     For more information about past clients, click here.

           Now that you know about me and the way we work, the kinds of clients we work with and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, let’s go find you a home.    Call me at 1-714-776-3820 or send me an e-mail at:  Ellen@OasisRealtyNow.com


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